Scented Candles Made From Crisco

Scented Candles Made From Crisco

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Make candles at home without wax from common household, the use of vegetable shortening such as crisco makes the candles vegetarian vegan if burning for a long time a layer of molten fat might develop on the surface near the wick when extinguishing check that the wick is vertical as the fat resets this makes it easier to relight also maintain the wick as one would with a regular candle trim it if there is an accumulation of charred thread. How to make stunning candles with crisco and crayons no, instead of buying them save yourself a bunch of money and get creative by making your own custom colored and scented candles in this youtube video lisa pullano gives a step by step tutorial on how to make candles at home using crisco and a few other supplies you may already have on hand or that you can pick up at any craft store for a few dollars. Crisco candle pintester, my daughter and i made crisco and crayon candles melted the crisco and poured hot crisco in a dixie cup and put in a broken up crayon and stireed till it melted made the prettiest candle when poured into a cup with a wick glued to the bottom but we can not get the candle to burn more than 5 minutes once the flame gets to the crisco it goes.

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