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Hottest bo derek photos - ranker, sexy pics of young bo derek one of the most beautiful women of all time bo derek is an american actress and model best known for her role in the romantic comedy derek began her acting career in the early 70s and became an international sex symbol after playing dudley moore s dream woman in the 1979 blake edwards film 10. What bo derek once said about cornrows after kim, derek the actress kardashian west referenced famously wore cornrows in the 1979 film 10 in 1980 people magazine wrote derek was responsible for making the style a cross-cultural craze and after being celebrated for her braids derek came to the defense of kylie jenner in 2015 when she too wore cornrows. Kim kardashian wears cornrows and calls them bo derek, kim kardashian has been continuously called out for culturally appropriating black hairstyles in the past but it appears the backlash hasn t had a lasting impact on her hairstyles over the weekend she posted a video to snapchat wearing cornrows with beads on the ends so guys i did bo derek braids and i m really into it she said referencing the white actress and model from the 70s.

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