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It’s a conspiracy, Dileep will make a comeback: brother Anoop

Malayalam actor Dileep’s brother Anoop has alleged that a huge conspiracy was hatched to trap the actor in the sensational actress attack case.

“My brother was trapped in the sensational case. The conspiracy is against him. Like in the movies, a wonderful script has been written and perfectly executed,” he told reporters Thursday.

Anoop also said that his brother’s innocence would be proven beyond doubt and he would soon make a comeback.

Meanwhile, Dileep’s bail application in the case relating to the abduction and videotaping of the actress was not heard by the court as the custody period would end only on Friday. The court apparently declined to hear the petition as the investigation was on and the evidence collection was still progressing. The bail application will be considered by the Angamaly court on Friday when the custody period ends.

Dileep was arrested in connection with the actress attack case on Monday. The police had arrested Pulsar Suni, who had worked as a driver of many film personalities, six days after the incident. A letter which Pulsar Suni purportedly wrote to actor Dileep had caused a furore. Dileep had undergone a marathon 13-hour grilling at the Aluva police club days ahead of his arrest.

The actor had approached the police saying that the prime accused tried to blackmail him from jail. Things went awry for Dileep after the police found discrepancies in his statements.

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